A patio, my patio, our patio, the patio…

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  A patio is an oasis in our abode. The size does not matter as a    small patio can hold a delicate pot with a specimen plant like a  miniature gingko. Or the layout can be augmented with colorful  rugs and lights. The choices are endless. It is how we feel about  the space. 

 Spring is around the corner, so bring out the brooms, cleanup and  get ready to bask in the sun. The lounging chair awaits you. The  nice refreshing sip of ice tea under the shade of the umbrella is a  spa treatment at home. What’s the best thing to do on the patio?

You choose…  

Be bold, be creative, become. The patio is a place to compose, relax, and let the outside world float by. Look up at the clouds, wonder and daydream a bit. Allow yourself the few precious minutes to enjoy the tranquility of you. You chose these special unique items for your enjoyment. Enjoy, discover, and beam with dreams. 


  Is less more? More or less, your choice, your patio to dream and  beam…





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