Growing Fresh Herbs in Small Indoor Spaces

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Want to have your own kitchen garden, but don't have enough space? This is the problem of every individual living in an urban area. In order to make your own kitchen garden you don't need a lot of space, all you need is just a few small tips and adequate sunlight for your herbs. Although it seems challenging to grow herbs in an urban area, you can easily do so if you have the right information.

Find the Right Spot

In order to have a good little indoor herb garden, you need to find the right location in your living space. Your herbs need sunlight to grow, so you need to find a place with perfect illumination according to the instructions on your seed packet. You can choose any window in your house that is receiving adequate light for plants to nourish.

Use Vertical Space

The problem of living in an apartment is that one does not have much extra space, so you have to make use of whatever space you have. The solution for this problem is to use your vertical space as much as possible. Plant herbs in tiered baskets and pots and hang them on the walls.

Use the Correct Type of Pots & Planters

One of the things that can ruin your plants is using any pot without proper drainage. This can hold the water for many days, which can rot the plant roots. One way to avoid this is to use Watering Globes, which regulate the amount of water automatically for a budget price.

Choose the Herbs & Flowers You'd Like to Grow

As you have limited space, you can't grow all the herbs and flowers you’d like at once. You’ll need to decide which herbs you would like most right now.  Since many of us eat seasonal types of food, our cooking style changes throughout the year. Your herbs can too! Herbs like rosemary, oregano, and basil are among the easiest to grow, which are great if you love cooking Italian.

Also plant a few small flowering plants along with the herbs to increase the beauty of your kitchen garden, making it more appealing to look at and stop and take a whiff of.

Water Regularly

Once you are done with all planting, now all you need to do is give them the right amount of water and fertilizer. Once the herbs are ready to harvest keep in mind to pick only 2/3 of the herbs and wait for them to re-grow before harvesting again.

Remember to enjoy what you're doing, too!

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