How to Measure for Curtain Panels

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Curtains don’t just offer privacy from the neighbors and add personal style and beauty to your rooms; they protect your furniture & rugs from the damaging effects of direct sunlight and also help keep heating & cooling costs down, saving you money.

Curtains can easily be changed with the seasons to create an entirely new room look at a minimal cost. Here are some easy steps to get you started:

To determine Width:

  • Measure the width of each window you plan to decorate. You should measure each window separately, even if you think they are the same.
  • Round up the measurement to the nearest inch and then multiply by 2 for Rod Pockets and 2-3” for Grommets, depending on how much pleating you desire.
  • Divide this number by the width of the curtain panel or valance to determine how many to purchase. Round to the nearest whole number.

To Determine Length:

  • Measurement is taken from the top of the rod, unless otherwise stated. The rod is generally placed 6” inches above the window, but can be as high as 12”.
  • Popular Curtain Lengths:
    63 inches - hangs to windowsill on most windows
    84 inches - hangs to floor on most windows
    95 inches - for use on taller windows or to puddle on the floor
  • Move rod up or down to adjust for the length of the Curtain Panel.
Be sure to measure ½” above the floor, unless there is a floor vent; then measure 1 ½” above the floor.

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