Troika Outdoors Hammock- No Straps

  • $84.95

Our patent-pending design is composed of some of the strongest, most reliable, and lightweight materials out there. Our hammocks are built for strength, safety, and longevity. 

  • 100% Nylon
  • Attach your gear to the rings of the hammock, keeping your gear off the ground and by your side.
  • Extra hammocks double as a sunshade, using high-tension ratchet straps.
  • Trees are not necessary. The hammock can be mounted to any 3 fixed objects within 30 feet from one another using high-tension ratchet straps.
  • No sag/slack, so you are up and out in the open. However, if you prefer sag/slack you may adjust your hammock to do so.
  • Lightweight. The entire setup of the hammock weighs 4lbs. There are also 13 different colors to choose from, so pick a color that fits your style.

The Troika Outdoors Hammock is a stackable, three-point hammock that is suspended off the ground with high tension. This allows the user to be up and out in the open air without experiencing any sag/slack from the hammock. However, if the user prefers sag/slack they may adjust the hammock to their preference. There are 13 different colors to choose from.

The user can attach their gear to the rings on the hammock using any carabiner or clip, allowing their gear to be by their side and off the ground.

The Troika Outdoors Hammock may be stored in the included mesh travel pack wet or dry, clean or dirty. It is machine-washable and can be stacked on top of another hammock using the same support straps in order to double as a sunshade, or can be stacked using separate straps for the bunk-bed feel.

This high-strength hammock does not need any trees, if preferred. It can be mounted to any 3 fixed objects within 30 feet from one another using the provided high-tension ratchet support straps. The 1-inch thick straps are tree-friendly and leave zero footprint.



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