Livliga- Portion Control Dinnerware

Livliga® is Swedish for LIVELY, VIBRANT, or VIVID and is our wish for your life. It’s for everyone who wants a beautiful, yet subtle way to improve and control their food environment. 

Livliga®, founded in early 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, was conceived out of a personal desire to find an answer to our supersized world surrounding eating and to find a better solution beyond the ugly “diet plate.” Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Livliga Founder and CEO, recognized the need to “right‑size” the food environment and set off to develop a suite of everyday products, which included discrete portion control and subtle reminders, for a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Livliga Lifestyle is about taking a wellness approach to how you live. It’s about celebrating being healthy. It’s about the experience of bringing beautiful food to an attractive table. It’s about enjoying cooking, being active, and exploring the world of wellness.

It shouldn’t be the case, but the truth is that when you think about watching your weight, you automatically think about deprivation; life just isn’t as vibrant. At Livliga, we choose the opposite approach. We’re all about adding color, liveliness, and interest – all of the things that make being healthy feel truly good.

We have an entire suite of products which help you to serve meals for family and friends, in formal and informal settings, while staying mindful of eating healthy. We use a simple design concept. How do you know what you are putting on your plate is the right amount? Livliga takes the guesswork out of what amounts you should use and what foods should be in what amounts.

What makes these lifestyle tools unique:

  • Clearly defined icons take the guess work out of serving sizes
  • Sizes that are easy to tell apart and give a visual understanding of food proportions
  • Serving sizes that correspond to recommendations by the USDA and standard recipes
  • Designs based on research that shows how certain images, colors, proportions and visual illusions support positive triggers for right‑sized eating
  • Endorsed by experts including doctors, nutritionists, certified trainers and psychologists
  • A variety of designs and colors that fit with any occasion and décor
  • Available as a complete set of dinnerware (dinner plate, salad plate, bowl & mug) that can be used everyday with the whole family
  • Made of durable porcelain that is sustainable, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe.

Our mission is to provide an answer to the current health crisis escalated by the obesity epidemic. The world has forgotten that eating well and living in a healthy environment can be beautiful, exciting, and fun.

We have created a suite of patented tableware that guides the user to put the right portions of food on their plates. Our goal is to provide portion control tools that make living a vibrant, balanced, and healthy life simple to do and easy to embrace.




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