*If you receive a 404 error when clicking a link, the item is currently sold out.

Blue Plant Watering Globe Stakes- I'm not a green thumb kinda person so any of my plants do tend to suffer from lack of water. I have one very large plant that approximately 34 years old and has been in the family for some time. I didn't want to lose it to my lack of watering so buying these globes have been great! it does exactly what it says and waters the plant slow as it needs it.

Smiling Sun Stepping Stone SUNSHINE.... MAKES ME SMILE I really liked the bronze color and how worn it looks. The etching and style is very unique. A good buy, very solid an durable!

All You Need Is Love Stepping StoneFound the perfect spot for this stone. The white color pops off the black mulch. A great find!

Bursting Sun Glowing Stepping StoneLove the sun dial right beside the door. Every time I leave or arrive, I smile. Thank goodness for friendhips and the garden!

Curious Bunny Garden Decor- I ordered this bunny to put out in my garden, however after she arrived, she became the centerpiece for my Easter table. She is so adorable and my goodness the detail is amazing, she is too cute to sit outside.

Outdoor Fire Pit in 100% Solid Copper w/ Screen Cover- Free Shipping- A wedding preset. Best present I could give sone friends.

Verdigris Leaf Birdbath- Beautiful, great quality even nicer than the picture. Received order fast. Very impressed.

Orchid Fairy Table Lamp- I received my fairy lamps and they are the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen. You can see every detail in the fairies. I am very happy with the service that I have received, and will be shopping regularly on this site as it is amazing and the prices are great!!

Peony Vanilla Spa Gift Basket- It's beautiful. Smells lovely.

King 3-Piece Cotton Quilt Set in Pink Beige Floral Butterflies- Free Shipping- Beautiful floral/butterfly quilt! I've never had better service, than that which Olive Tree gives! Thank you!

Ellipse Wall Art Decor- Free ShippingI thought the picture looked like silver balls in between the metal pieces, however they are faux gems, which was disappointing since there was not a complete description of the piece. Overall, it didn't work where I originally planned, but did look nice in my bedroom.

Coffee Clock 'Take Life One Cup at a Time- I love coffee, so when i came across this clock I had to get it. Olive tree homes processed the order quickly and i received my item packaged well and speedy delivery.

Lemon Sugar Pillar CandleSmells so yummy. Gave 4 stars cuz there was oil stains from the candle over about 1/4 of the box.

Passion Fruit Pillar CandleThis smells so sweet and good, makes me think of summer.

Reindeer Sleigh Candle Holder Display- Much longer than I pictured, its going to be great on the table. The cups I got are red and white, not all red like the picture, but I don't mind and will keep the item

Apothecary Style Glass Bottle- Multiple SizesI bought the medium size and it looks like the picture with the 3 bottles together. The white background makes it look a little different since it is see through. It matches my cream colored bathroom counter nicely and I'll be buying the other sizes.

 Tulip Oil Warmers Set of 3- These are so substantial. For the price you'd expect them to be much smaller. The colors are very pretty.

Green Hummingbird Chime- Great for the price, it sounds sweet. I'm happy

Artistic Butterfly Floor Mat- I've had this mat for a few months and I still think 'ahhh' when I step on it. I gave it 4 stars because it's a lighter blue than pictured, but still pretty.

Auto Emergency KitAs the title of this review implies, this is a good emergency kit. Has just about all the basic tools you'll need for those times when things go bad and you wish you could just do it yourself. The carrying case itself is pretty sturdy for being made of plastic. 

Mosaic Glass Bird FeederBeautiful bird feeder

Blue Speckled Glass Bird FeederCan't wait to hang it up. Definitely for small birds. It has a drain hole on the bottom that's too large for small seeds.

Fresh Herb Tea White Basket Spa Set- I purchased this gift basket for my mother's birthday. What do you get someone when they have everything? You can never have to many nice smelling bath items to pamper yourself. The basket is exactly as shown on the website, packaged all pretty. I was so please with it that I am looking to get one for myself.

Vintage Damask Rose Spa Basket- Sweet.

Minted Jasmine Spa Gift Basket- I was extremely excited to get this in the mail. There were a lot of products to try. My combination skin can really be a bother and finding the right balance with bodywash and lotion makes a difference! Certainly a fantastic value for all that is included in this set.

The Perth Soap Co Bergamot & Citrus Liquid SoapThis soap is perfect for the kitchen. The smell is amazing and the citrus helps with any food smell stuck on your hands. Definitely leaves a softer smell of the citrus and bergamot once you was it off. Leaves your hands feeling nice and soft too, not like other soaps that can be harsh and dry out your hands.

The Perth Soap Company Vanilla Coconut Body LotionLove this lotion! Creamy and smooth, leaves your skin silky and not sticky like most other lotions. The vanilla and coconut pair great together. The coconut is subtle enough that even those who aren’t crazy about it will love this. Definitely recommend!

The Perth Soap Company Vanilla Coconut Body Lotion- I have been using this for a month now and love it. It has a tropical beach scent and it absorbs very quickly. There is never any stickiness or a feeling you have to keep trying to rub it in. The scent is subtle enough when it absorbs that it doesn't interfere with the taste of food.

The Perth Soap Company Milk & Honey Cleansing Bar- Great gift!
The packaging and presentation was well received in the office. Nice and simple gift!

The Perth Soap Company Milk & Honey Cleansing Bar-I have been using this for a month now and love it. The scent makes my whole bathroom smell lovely, but when I use it, the scent is extremely subtle on my skin, almost not there. This is perfect for me because I have breathing problems and scents can make it worse. The lather feels like liquid silk, which is funny since it's a bar. It works great with my poof, too. My skin feels so nice after I use it and since it's ph balanced, it doesn't cause any issues down below.

The Perth Soap Co Leather & Vanilla Cleansing Bar- Used this soap for around 3 weeks, at which point it was spent. The smell is nice and I quite enjoyed it. The soap itself didn't dry my skin out like others, the soap scent did linger for a while after use, and the bar lasted quite a while compared to the other soap I used. All in all I was very pleased with this product. Would recommend this to anyone looking for something new and good.

Lavender & Sage Spa SetBetter than what I anticipated. Beautifully packaged, quality products, and excellent customer service. Will definitely recommend!

Ovaries FU T-Shirt Ladies- Totally got me thru that time of the month with a smile every time i looked in the mirror. Soft and comfy.

Nantucket Storage Cabinet- Perfect little cabinet. Fits great in a small space. Well-made and attractive.

Nevertheless She Persisted T-Shirt Ladies- Love Gilmore Girls. I Love this tee. It's my never give up tee now. Soft and comfy. I didnt read the drying instructions before tossing it in the wash, and you really do need to dry it on low per the tag or after a few washes the print starts to come off, but thats my error, not the shirts.

Because, Work. Wine Glass by Gallo Craft Garage- Multiple Colors- I really like this, the glass has no imperfections and the wording is perfect.

Domestic Goddess Candle by Gallo Candle Co- This smells so lovely! The paint can container is cute and using the special opener was a kick. There's so much fragrance oil it did weep a bit, but Ive seen a lot of other do that too. Just used a napkin to wipe the can. I really liked the rustic brown box and twine.

Fire & S'mores Candle by Gallo Candle Co.- As soon as I opened the shipping box, I could smell the marshmallow scent in this sweet candle. My whole living room is fragranced and I love it and I would def give as a gift. The fragrance weeped a bit, but I just used a napkin to wipe the can.

Be Nice T-Shirt Ladies- I really liked the design. The fit is good, too.

Wine Bottle Merlot Scented Candle- This was a gift so I can't I don't know anything about how it burns, but it smelled pretty good even before. The glass is thick good quality, lable looks authentic. Neat candle. I actually ordered a couple as gifts. Olivetree customers service was great keeping me informed of order status.

Lavender & Sage Spa Set- (discontinued) Better than what I anticipated. Beautifully packaged, quality products, and excellent customer service. Will definitely recommend!

Fresh Herb Tea White Basket Spa Set- (discontinued) Very nice gift for Christmas

no.2 bout to go coastal. air freshener by Made In CaliforniaSmall (about the size of a half dollar) but potent! As soon as I opened my mailbox, I could smell the fragrance and it is so good. I thought the sewn paper packaging was very cute. This went in a closet to freshen it up. I really liked it.

The Perth Soap Co Leather & Vanilla Cleansing Bar- The lather and aroma of this soap is terrific. A treat to use. Good stuff!

Bold Border Welcome MatOur new office is welcoming all customers. Thanks for a great quality product. Simply, simple, and functional!

Sturdy Laptop Sleeve- Exactly as described. It had a strong odor when took it from the plastic cover, but it went away after a day of airing it out.

Vine Leaves Welcome Mat- This is very pretty at the door. It seems a little smaller because of the rounded edges, but I've gotten two compliments on it so far.

Cherub Garden Fountain- Free ShippingReally cute fountain, only issue I have is there is only one place water comes down and the flow is slow, cannot be adjusted at pump.

Country Rooster Kitchen Rack- Free Shipping- little rooster

Folding Chrome Plated Cooking Grate- This was exactly what we were looking for

Black Metal Slat Convex LampVery elegant



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