Air Freshener Set #1 by Made In California

Air Freshener Set #1 by Made In California

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Can't make up your mind on what type of awesomeness that you want your car to smell like? That's cool. With an air freshener set you don't have to. 

Get four air fresheners in each set:

Air Freshener Set #1

  • #1 it's not you it's trees
    pine~cinnamon leaf~clove~frankincense~juniper berry~rosemary~cedarwood
  • #2 bout to go coastal
  • #3 don't be a prick
    clove~cinnamon leaf~lavender~sage~basil~tea tree
  • #4 naked and unlaid
    black pepper~nutmeg~coffee~grapefruit~blood orange~hops~benzoin

Each hand cut air freshener is crafted from 100% reclaimed wood, hand sanded and sealed with a water-based non-toxic sealant before carefully finishing each one off with a twine string hanger, packaged in a compostable glassine envelope. Completely phthalate, paraben, synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Note: Air Fresheners are made from reclaimed wood of various types (birch, pine, eucalyptus, etc.). You may not receive the exact same type of wood that is pictured.  Don't worry, it's all good.

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