Halsa Get Started Kit: 4 Portion Control Dinner Plates (10.5") by Livliga

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Livliga’s portion control dinnerware pattern, Hälsa, which literally means “good health” in Swedish, is a bold design in various hues of blue that is a fun and lively dinnerware pattern that encourages you to be healthy and mindful when eating in order to support a vibrant lifestyle.

The 4-piece Get Started Kit consists of 4 Portion Control Dinner Plates in the Hälsa pattern.

Each piece of Livliga® portion control dinnerware is designed to look striking as a suite of dishware. Each dish also has its own unique portion indicators/measurements to guide you in using the right amount of food as described by a recipe or single serving noted on the side of a package. In addition to its beautiful design the 4-piece place setting is right-sized which means they are smaller than the average dinnerware sold today. All are proportionally designed with wide rims so when you put the right-sized food portions on your plate and in your bowl or mug it will look like “enough” so that at the end of your meal you will feel satisfied.

This blue diet plate set was designed specifically using blue hues of color because it is known, as the result of accepted research, to help suppress a person's appetite so one can feel satisfied at the end of a right-sized meal. You can feel fuller faster with less by eating off a blue plate. This is just one of the advantages of the overall VisualQs design of this Livliga product.

• The portion control dinner plate has 5 measurements on it.
• The largest circle is for your vegetable or fruit and designates a 1 cup measurement.
• The icon with 2 circles indicates a ¾ cup serving as well as a ½ cup serving which are typical serving sizes for the starch or grain in a given meal.
• The squared icon is for your protein and is typically between 2–6 ounces.
• The smallest icon is a “dollop” and measures ⅛ cup (2 tablespoons) of sauce, condiment, salad dressing or jam

  • Portion Control Dinner Plate: Diameter 10.5 in (27cm)
    • Made of a porcelain – an eco-friendly material
    • Stackable
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe
    • Lead free and Cadmium free
    • Additional pieces available in this pattern
    • Additional patterns available
    • Coordinating Serveware available
    • Ship weight – 10 pounds


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