Lovollect Royal Tang Horse 1 Figurine

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The Tang dynasty, with its capital at Chang'an (today's Xi'an), the most populous city in the world at the time, is regarded by historians as a high point in Chinese civilization—equal, or even superior, to the Han period. The Tang period was considered the golden age of literature and art.

Artwork Size: H41*W36*D13cm / 16.14" x 14.2" x 5.1".

Net Weight:4.6 Kgs / 10.14 lbs.

This hand cast bronze piece is designed and crafted by Lovollect. Using the most advanced casting techniques, Ludox Lost-Wax Casting and Plaster Lost-Wax Casting, the best casting materials and foundry-bought bronze ingots, crafted by experienced artists, Lovollect is bringing you the highest quality bronze statues and figurines.

*These hand-cast pieces are made in batches. These items will ship directly from China and arrive in 10-16 business days, depending if the item is currently cast or in production. If you are considering purchasing a gift, please keep this time frame in mind. Please understand these are hand cast designer collector pieces. They are worth the wait, but please be sure you are willing to wait before ordering.



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